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A Closer Look At Noopept: The Elite Nootropic Supplement

Fact: Humans are the most intelligent animals on the planet.

The brain is by far the most powerful human organ, with very little competition found throughout nature. A current evolutionary theory has suggested that human beings have sacrificed other advantages such as increased muscle mass, in order to fuel the brain further. .

How Supplementing With CDP Choline Improves Your Health

CDP choline (also known as citicoline) has a beneficial effect on concentration and memory by increasing mental energy and raising oxygen levels in the blood, as well as giving a slight increase in cerebral blood flow. CDP choline converts into neurotransmitters within the brain that in turn enhances the signalling processes within brain cells. These signal processes occur between synapses and are vital for forming memories.

Vitamin D3’s Benefits On The Brain

Can a day in the sun be good for your health? Many studies point to yes. Despite what you may hear regarding the dangers of sun exposure (skin cancer, burns, premature aging), spending time in the sun can be your greatest source for obtaining vitamin D.

D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is synthesized by our bodies when we spend time in the sun.

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