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Nootropics are substances that produce observable improvements in cognitive functions. The modern age we live in is one defined by easy access to an overwhelming amount of information. At times it feels as if our brains can not efficiently process the endless flows of information available at our fingertips. However, people have found that using nootropics leads to focusing on the information that is most important and valuable to them. Cerebral Key, created by Infinite Intelligence Labs, is a perfectly balanced formula of premium nootropics developed to be the most effective cognitive enhancement supplement. Our formula supports optimal function of neurotransmitters leading to a heightened cognitive state and elevated mood upon first use.With consistent use, the brain’s neural networks will be expanded and strengthened resulting in better functional performance. Cerebral Key makes the impossible possible.

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Our powerful 1600+Mg formula is led by Noopept, one of the elite nootropics, which delivers increased cognitive function through multiple mechanisms. All ten ingredients in Cerebral Key have been carefully selected and dosed to be synergistic, meaning the ingredients have been found to work better together than individually.





Bacopa Monnieri Extract



Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)

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The Benefits of Nootropics

Nootropics work in many different ways to enhance cognitive abilities. One way is by providing an increase in the supply of necessary precursors which are needed by neurotransmitters. With more resources, available neurotransmitters will continue to function optimally and as a result, produce continuous benefits. Another way in which nootropics work is by modulating neurotransmitters and other systems in the brain. To modulate is to modify. Nootropics increase the effectiveness of physiological and pharmacological processes through modulation of key underlying mechanisms. The details of how nootropics work are complex but the results of consistent use are simple.Consistent use of Cerebral Key results in a long list of short and long term benefits. Cerebral Key is the most effective cognitive enhancement supplement available and is guaranteed to produce these benefits:

Regeneration of brain receptors

Improved memory

Increased energy

Boosted motivation

Increased concentration

Decreased anxiety

Anti-aging for the brain

Strengthens neural networks

“To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.”


What To Expect From Cerebral Key

While taking Cerebral Key a mindshift occurs. A transition to a new state of mind, to a perspective that allows for understanding the positive value in all experiences. When you have the advantage of optimal mental performance you will see the world in a new light, revealing solutions to achieve what was once considered impossible.  Mastery of one’s work can be accomplished faster through this mindset. Maintaining the right thought is mastery of self. Empowering users with the benefit of right thought is the essence of what Cerebral Key does. Additionally, Cerebral Key produces these core benefits :

Amplify Ambition

Cerebral Key raises motivation to a new level. Avoiding important tasks will become part of the past while accomplishing goals will become routine. Taking the Initiative will feel natural and enjoyable. This builds confidence leading to higher and higher levels of success.

Imagine being the person who consistently solves the toughest problems in the workplace. The benefits of improved learning and memory result in a surplus of information available to be used for problem solving. Cerebral Key provides a heightened focus that enables pushing limits and reaching new milestones. Try Cerebral Key and always be ready to take that next step and exceed expectations.

Endless Energy

It is well known that the brain uses 20% of the energy produced by the body each day. When someone has a poor diet it is common that they experience difficulty thinking and making decisions due to a lack of energy available. Cerebral Key delivers key vitamins and neurotransmitter precursors which lead to optimal brain function. Cerebral Key ensures an abundance of resources for the brain to take advantage of.

 A Balanced Mind

Stress, fear, and anxiety will seem to compose itself and almost disappear. A new inviting sense of calmness, clearness, and happiness will take over. Cerebral Key is able to counter negative thoughts with positive solutions to those thoughts.